Don’t miss any news related to WPE – our blog aims to share information regarding WPE: explainers, how-to articles and general information regarding WPE, WebKit and the Web platform. Also check out the official WebKit blog regarding news on the engine itself.

  1. WPE Graphics architecture

    Following the previous post in the series about WPE where we talked about the WPE components, this post will explain briefly the WPE graphics architecture, and how the engine is able to render HTML content into the display.

  2. An overview of the WPE WebKit project

    In the previous post in this series, we explained that WPE is a WebKit port optimized for embedded devices. In this post, we'll dive into a more technical overview of the different components of WPE, WebKit, and how they all fit together.

  3. Happy birthday WPE!

    Welcome to the new Blog section on! Let's take some time to celebrate and recap how WPE evolved from the early prototyping days to the product empowering hundreds of millions of devices worldwide today.