Don’t miss any news related to WPE – our blog aims to share information regarding WPE: explainers, how-to articles and general information regarding WPE, WebKit and the Web platform. Also check out the official WebKit blog regarding news on the engine itself.

Recent Articles

  1. Status of the new SVG engine in WebKit

    Let's take a detour from the previous WPE architecture related posts to other aspects of our work on WebKit at Igalia. Today, the status of the development of WebKits' new SVG engine is presented, along with an introduction to the topic, and an outlook for 2023.

  2. Success Story: Metrological

    WPE WebKit brought RDK (Reference Design Kit), a modern, performant web browser, to millions of screens.

  3. WPE Networking Overview

    In this post we'll cover the many layers of the networking stack that WPE uses including libsoup and glib.

  4. WPE QA and tooling

    In the previous posts, my colleagues Claudio and Miguel wrote respectively about the major components of the project and, specifically, the graphics architecture of WPE. Today, you'll see our efforts to improve the quality of both WPE and the experience of working and using it.

  5. WPE Graphics architecture

    Following the previous post in the series about WPE where we talked about the WPE components, this post will explain briefly the WPE graphics architecture, and how the engine is able to render HTML content into the display.

  6. An overview of the WPE WebKit project

    In the previous post in this series, we explained that WPE is a WebKit port optimized for embedded devices. In this post, we'll dive into a more technical overview of the different components of WPE, WebKit, and how they all fit together.


Recent Release Notes


wpewebkit: 2.38.3
cog: 0.16.1
wpebackend-fdo: 1.14.0
libwpe: 1.14.0


wpewebkit: 2.39.5
cog: 0.15.1
wpebackend-fdo: 1.13.1
libwpe: 1.13.90

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