Create simple and performant systems based on Web platform technologies.

An Open Source WebKit port for Linux-based embedded devices designed with flexibility and hardware acceleration in mind, leveraging common 3D graphics APIs for best performance.


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The Web Platform is a frequently chosen foundational technology for many reasons, including:

  • Web Platform technologies are built on standards, they have great longevity
  • The standards are open, embedded systems can incorporate them without licensing fees or other worries. Open standards with great longevity allows lots more things to benefit from the same investments
  • The number of people with the basic skills to build things with web technologies is massive
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Supported Hardware

WPE is currently running on a wide range of hardware. This page lists configurations which are known to work, sorted by manufacturer:

Why Choose WPE?

WPE WebKit is widely adopted by many industries, including digital signage, professional audio, home appliances, set-top-boxes, automotive, and inflight infotainment. Countless devices deployed around the globe are already using WPE WebKit as their web runtime platform, and use is growing rapidly.

Success Story


WPE WebKit brought RDK, a modern, performant web browser, to millions of screens. It enables operators to manage devices and easily customize their UIs and apps and provides analytics to improve the customer experience and drive business results.

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Use Case

Digital Signage

Digital signage web rendering players have many advantages and are a trend nowadays. They feature use of HTML for composing the user interface, simple and effortless provisioning and scheduling new contents to the screen from the cloud, a robust environment with an automatic crash recovery system, and more.

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WPE Design

WPE is the official WebKit port for embedded platforms. WPE is uniquely designed for embedded systems in that it doesn’t depend on any user-interface toolkits such as the traditional Cocoa, GTK, etc toolkits.

WPE’s Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been collecting answers to lots of common questions we’ve been asked. If you have questions, you might find a ready answer in the FAQ.

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Open Source Consultancy

WPEWebKit is developed by Igalia, an open-source consultancy with a lot of experience working on the Web platform. As the maintainers of this official port of WebKit, Igalia has a great deal of experience with meeting hardware and software challenges in the embedded space and several others. Get in touch!

If you’re using WPE WebKit, or are considering doing so, please take our brief user survey. Your input will help us make WPE WebKit better for you!

If you’re using WPE WebKit, or are considering doing so, please take our brief user survey! Your input will help us make WPE WebKit better for you.