Success Story: Metrological

Metrological: A Comcast Company WPE

WPE WebKit brought RDK (Reference Design Kit), a modern, performant web browser, to millions of screens. It enables operators to manage devices and easily customize their UIs and apps and provides analytics to improve the customer experience and drive business results.

Delivering a fast and memory-efficient browser for embedded systems is a challenging task, so Igalia helped Metrological build a new full-screen browser engine which stripped away all unnecessary toolkit elements.

With years of experience around WebKit platform integration, Igalia worked to produce a new WebKit port, WPE, which interfaced directly with Wayland and the graphics driver. Additionally, Igalia pushed forward the implementation of a multi-platform multi-threaded compositor, enabling better performance on low-end multicore processors. WPE is an official port of WebKit.