WPE Builds

While there are several simple ways for developers to experiment with and explore WPE, none are tuned for performance. Generally, shipping products for embedded systems are performance-tuned custom builds. To make this easier, there is also meta-webkit, which provides build recipes, WebKit based runtimes, and browsers for use with OpenEmbedded and/or Yocto.

There are also pre-built packages available for many Linux distributions.

Release Schedule

WPE WebKit follows a 6-month development cycle:

WPE WebKit and WebKitGTK share a fair amount of code. Therefore, both projects produce their feature releases simultaneously, and share the same release branches. For bug-fix releases, the release teams for both projects try to sync their version numbers as well as they can.

WPE Design

WPE is the official WebKit port for Linux-based embedded platforms. WPE is uniquely designed for embedded systems in that it doesn’t depend on any user-interface toolkits such as the traditional Cocoa, GTK, etc toolkits.

WPE’s Frequently Asked Questions

We've been collecting answers to lots of common questions we've been asked. If you've got questions, you might just find a ready answer in the FAQ.