WPE WebKit 2.42.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 2.42 series.

What’s new in WPE WebKit 2.42.0?

  • GBM is no longer required for WebGL implementation.
  • Add API to configure experimental features at runtime.
  • Add API to set the percentage of volume space that can be used for data storage.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.


wpewebkit-2.42.0.tar.xz (35.1 MiB)
   md5sum: 8bc18620afafc5b5087d529cd47c0721
   sha1sum: 125333c9bf4efa85f780ad422f3fb9fc39d43636
   sha256sum: acda4be341c6021e092b36612c88d596dae4dd7f41e6ac47425d645dffdfe5ed