WPE WebKit 2.37.90 released


This is a development release leading towards the 2.38 series.

What’s new in WPE WebKit 2.37.90?

  • Remove the libnotify dependency.
  • Add support for generating crash reports using Breakpad
  • Add support for service worker notifications.
  • Add support for loading notification icons.
  • Add support for PAC proxy in the WebDriver implementation.
  • Fix the build with USE_SYSTEM_MALLOC=ON.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.


wpewebkit-2.37.90.tar.xz (29.1 MiB)
   md5sum: 0fff92b923b422b7309019db6ba62ca5
   sha1sum: 326dc99a594132bdcd56d0a3133b853cfdc6b2cd
   sha256sum: e944f68958ee0bfd5dbb342179c3d9178a7e388a59c4e1ea8e98b7337ecf12f7