WPE WebKit 2.36.5 released


This is a bug fix release in the stable 2.36 series.

What’s new in WPE WebKit 2.36.5?

  • Add support for PAC proxy in the WebDriver implementation.
  • Fix video playback when loaded through custom URIs.
  • Fix LTO builds with GCC.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.


wpewebkit-2.36.5.tar.xz (24.6 MiB)
   md5sum: 99b9b0c3c8757edf03ddf550bea448e2
   sha1sum: d7deb766d1ff48b7f9d685fcd67ccc23e2962288
   sha256sum: f2461d533cd3820ea1855e2c8b0b0624b39add1389dc3ac09c2f27891a7a8caa