WPE WebKit 2.36.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 2.36 series.

Highlights of the WPE WebKit 2.36.0 release

  • New accessibility implementation using ATSPI D-Bus interfaces instead of ATK.
  • Support for requestVideoFrameCallback().
  • Support for the MediaSession API.
  • New WebKitURISchemeResponse API to set HTTP response information to custom URI schemes.
  • Make user interactive threads (event handler, scrolling, …) real time on Linux.
  • The WebKitSettings:enable-developer-extras option is no longer enabled by default.
  • The WPE Qt API can now be built separately, out from the WebKit source tree.


wpewebkit-2.36.0.tar.xz (24.5 MiB)
   md5sum: b7b951cd7f6eb4a8585338505ce71234
   sha1sum: 904629a9ce3a4ab67d47315b008dc3152d504205
   sha256sum: 096aa9f87d9bfbfc80f558388a86721cdcc508b42ddef10bd270aec9aee96d5a