WPE WebKit 2.34.1 released


This is the first bug fix release in the stable 2.34 series.

What’s new in WPE WebKit 2.34.1?

  • Update User-Agent browser versions.
  • Fix a crash when loading videos on Reddit.
  • Fix file type detection when application calls g_desktop_app_info_set_as_default_for_extension() passing HTML.


wpewebkit-2.34.1.tar.xz (22.5 MiB)
   md5sum: 915e583b0e7e82efa155cbce917d6319
   sha1sum: 452081b6df9d079f26d22bd0dca9e90f87943089
   sha256sum: cb336986341be9c3a9b1ca2c18de0d29d90ae4e77b9967a6f6879597e7a969f7