WPE WebKit 2.34.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 2.34 series.

Highlights of the WPE WebKit 2.34.0 release

  • HTTP/2 support when building with libsoup3.
  • Add support for the Fullscreen API, which needs libwpe 1.11.1 or newer.
  • Add support for CSS Scroll Snap.
  • Add support for display capture.
  • Add basic support for ICC color management.
  • Add support for the color-schemes CSS property.
  • Add support for link preconnect when building with libsoup3.
  • Add support for authentication using client side certificates.
  • Add multi-track support to media backend.
  • Add new API to handle web process unresponsiveness.
  • Add API to disable CORS on a web view for particular domains.
  • Add new API to access/modify capture devices states.
  • Add new API to configure the memory pressure handler.
  • Allow to opt-out of GL rendering at runtime for the media player.
  • Support building with the uClibc C standard library.


wpewebkit-2.34.0.tar.xz (22.5 MiB)
   md5sum: de57b0a8bcf72337d4b66a1f8d9a3333
   sha1sum: 921493a35865c78b3a6896d34ae3bd5d6e4184dc
   sha256sum: 64c962197854c7a8a4129eebf11b745abf94bbfee5ddf4202354e46e1ca5571d