WPE WebKit 2.31.1 released


This is the first development release leading towards the 2.32 series.

What’s new in WPE WebKit 2.31.1?

  • Removed support for NPAPI plugins.
  • Enabled the web process cache when PSON is enabled too.
  • TLS errors and the proxy settings APIs have been moved from WebKitContext to WebKitWebsiteDataManager.
  • Added new API to remove individual scripts and style sheets using WebKitUserContentManager.
  • Fixed application of the system font scaling factor.
  • Added support for showing information about main loop frames in the web inspector.
  • Added internal audio rendering support. The WebProcess can now maintain a single connection to the system audio service and perform audio mixing internally. For the time being this has to be enabled at runtime through the WEBKIT_GST_ENABLE_AUDIO_MIXER=1 environment variable.
  • Switched GStreamer initialization to be on-demand and mostly contained to the WebProcess. GStreamer used to be initialized unconditionally once from the UIProcess and once from the WebProcess. GStreamer is now used mostly only from the WebProcess, even for probing audio and video capture devices. Users of the webkit_web_view_can_show_mime_type() API will still trigger GStreamer initialization in the UIProcess, though.
  • Changed the image decoder for videos to use decodebin3.
  • Added support for sending WebAudio to MediaStream.
  • Added multi-channel (>2) support for AudioFileReader and the WebAudio renderer.
  • Added support for audio worklets.
  • Added optional support for native formats rendering.
  • Added Opus support for the Thunder CDM.
  • Added common-encryption support for CMAF in Thunder CDM.
  • MSE/EME/WebAudio and general media playback bug fixes.


wpewebkit-2.31.1.tar.xz (20.9 MiB)
   md5sum: 58b278f1a0dbe11a9aae941890d2bfd5
   sha1sum: 9c73673d8b6e4482a8d6c5748a1b373c8ed41f33
   sha256sum: c503a39d2fbd7d102a29664939e2c6f55d4a7281d7ecada8c508eef451889f74