WPE WebKit 2.26.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 2.26 series.

Highlights of the WPE WebKit 2.26.0 release

  • Add support for subprocess sandboxing.
  • Add support for HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security).
  • Fix rendering artifacts in the YouTube volume button and GitHub comment boxes.
  • Single process model has been deprecated for security reasons.
  • Enable process switch on cross site navigation.
  • Enable hyperlink auditing setting by default.

For more details about all the changes included in WPE WebKit 2.26 see the NEWS file included in the release tarball.

Thanks to all the contributors who made this release possible.


wpewebkit-2.26.0.tar.xz (17.3 MiB)
   md5sum: 59a2e64f145b3445187a22eff1f73293
   sha1sum: 757ab5da23ef7944332d4c57fcf56a932e933ce4
   sha256sum: a97a24fe0c22243c873c359d7636512c01016ea2068a457ba651040f1a07ee3e