WPE WebKit 2.25.91 released!


This is a development release leading towards the 2.26 series.

What’s new in the WPE WebKit 2.25.91 release?

  • Do not enable the sandbox in Snap.
  • Fix sandbox parsing DISPLAY on X11.
  • Add WEBKIT_USE_SINGLE_WEB_PROCESS environment variable to force single process model in all WebKitWebContext. This is a temporary solution for applications still depending on the single process mode behavior. It will be only available in 2.26 series.
  • Add new API to remove a filter from an user content manager given its identifier.
  • Add support for HSTS.
  • Several improvements and bug fixes in MSE media player.
  • Switch to use libsoup WebSockets API.
  • Add support for permessage-deflate WebSocket extension.
  • Add user agent quirk to make GitHub work in FreeBSD.
  • Fix content disappearing when using CSS transforms.
  • Fix building without unified sources.
  • Fix web process deadlock when scrolling twitter timeline which contains HLS videos.
  • Fix a crash with empty video source.
  • Fix some radio streams that could not be played.
  • Fix video pause that sometimes caused to skip to finish.
  • Fix volume level changes when playing a video.
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.


wpewebkit-2.25.91.tar.xz (17.3MB)
   md5sum: 16b74b3246b2787e8b200e9f3ec5285d
   sha1sum: e3437547fce8ff9cb867157f6f82ba18b4d8a38b
   sha256sum: 79921b8d04a9d5df7e3d4a3725746638df8f76705b1cd64fc31c093808fbb9a7