WPE WebKit 2.25.2 released!


This is a development release leading towards the 2.26 series.

What’s new in the WPE WebKit 2.25.2 release?

  • Enable process switch on cross site navigation.
  • Enable hyperlink auditing setting by default.
  • Ensure web extensions directory is readable when sandbox is enabled.
  • Switch to use libsoup WebSockets API.
  • Add rendering of more button types.
  • Add support for the CSS properties “mix-blend-mode” and “isolation”.
  • Add support for permessage-deflate WebSocket extension.
  • Add support for disk cache dumping.
  • Add basic DNS caching inside the network process.
  • Add user agent quirk to make github work in FreeBSD.
  • Fix web process deadlock when scrolling twitter timeline which contains HLS videos.
  • Fix a crash with empty video source.
  • Fix content disappearing when using CSS transforms.
  • Fix some radio streams that could not be played.
  • Fix video pause that sometimes caused to skip to finish.
  • Fix volume level changes when playing a video.
  • Fix building with unified sources disabled (-DENABLE_UNIFIED_BUILDS=OFF).
  • Fix several crashes and rendering issues.


wpewebkit-2.25.2.tar.xz (17.3MB)
   md5sum: ca1aa8f78e1026a69c9f6b1a76f77e16
   sha1sum: e15cd93eaa8821c9e0ed0a82b6544b4624965e92
   sha256sum: b6485cdc79dce1a6f3a3196e3bc9832110067b121f8f552e3e2d8a0135f6ae27