WPEBackend-fdo 1.10.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 1.10 series.

Highlights of the WPEBackend-fdo 1.10.0 release

  • Added API to query whether receiving rendered audio has been configured.
  • Added API to obtain the wl_resource for SHM exported buffers.
  • The CMake build system has been removed in favor of Meson.
  • Made it easier to override where Meson looks for wayland-scanner during cross-compilation, using a native machine file.
  • Fixed invalid usage of Wayland client connections in the nested compositor which caused sporadic crashes in certain conditions.
  • Fixed file descriptor and memory leaks.


wpebackend-fdo-1.10.0.tar.xz (37.6 KiB)
   md5sum: 306adbb0c66dc753e1794c83b7a2682b
   sha1sum: bf71718a213c6511dea278ade5ce90967d181995
   sha256sum: b89dfd3500a4dec711132cd7bff72599e67d56a419d000730e14bb99547509cc