WPEBackend-fdo 1.1.0 released!


Thiss is the first development release leading towards the 1.2 series.

What’s new in the WPEBackend-fdo 1.1.0 release?

  • Use the new libwpe API to notify when frames have been displayed (#28).

  • Allow calling wpe_fdo_initialize_for_egl_display() multiple times, with a warning printed to the standard error output when trying to switch displays (which is unsupported) (#26).

  • Provide a dummy implementation of the EGL offscreen target interface, to let WebKit use Pbuffer-based offscreen contexts as fallback, instead of crashing (5a4b58c).

  • Minor cleanups in headers and function prototypes (#25, #24).

wpebackend-fdo-1.1.0.tar.xz (24.6KB)
   md5sum: dc852a6cafaf4b6392dcb91e36cd7abb
   sha1sum: 688377f441e19273fe2b44c0a2ea9da149f97fa4
   sha256sum: f6c72130d16e50860cb83eb0f6e109c76f1826d2c6bee39025fb3651941761e7