WPEBackend 0.2.0 released!


This is a backwards-compatible, stable release of the WPE backend loader library.

What’s new in the WPBackend 0.2.0 release?

  • New API to set and query the backend implementation library being used (#19).

  • New API to query the version library, both with macros at build time, and functions at runtime (#18).

  • Trying to use a backend implementation library which does not provide a load_object callback will produce a meaningful error instead of silently failing.

wpebackend-0.2.0.tar.xz (8.6KB)
   md5sum: d04e44a32709dbb763ce1fcfc28bc6d8
   sha1sum: 4089cac12877ee1e09372953a281a46b8c8951e9
   sha256sum: ce33ff29b04175cb6fe6e6597a4b5e8ec9da0b8b5ae0745848902ac935d65823