WPE WebKit

A WebKit port optimized for embedded devices

08 May 2019

libwpe 1.3.0 released!


This is the first development release of libwpe leading towards the 1.4 series.

What’s new in the libwpe 1.3.0 release?

  • New API to set the device scaling factor. Backends and WebKit embedders can use this to e.g. support HiDPI displays (#44).
  • New API to to obtain the root accessibility object for a view backend (#45).
  • Fixed memory overallocation when setting pasteboard contents (#42).
libwpe-1.3.0.tar.xz (47.0KB)
   md5sum: 01bcda361a427d37829877add9e47eb4
   sha1sum: 81ff47e0dd40b4aea91543785b2c1d76690154f3
   sha256sum: 68986647af2433e74f830a06a497ed536dbc8721b04026ed82611a584be71148