libwpe 1.2.1 released!


This is a bug fix release of libwpe in the stable 1.2 series.

What’s new in the libwpe 1.2.1 release?

  • Added missing control characters to the Unicode-to-KeySym table (#53).
  • Fixed build failure on systems where the libxkbcommon headers are installed in a non-standard location (#48).
  • Fixed memory overallocation for pasteboard strings (#42).
libwpe-1.2.1.tar.xz (46.9KB)
   md5sum: 9f26865f06ecf933ddbbf067a7be735f
   sha1sum: d3f6211a2acafe1bd1f41e826c8efae35335fc92
   sha256sum: 00e103c6fa226b0d979c29d14c9e8168c4bec7b0b5108f3705a037cda5609d7d