libwpe 1.13.3 released


This is a development release leading towards the 1.14 series.

What’s new in libwpe 1.13.3?

  • Modify the gamepad API to pass the wpe_gamepad_provider when creating new gamepad instances, and the associated wpe_gamepad_provider_get_backend() accessor.
  • Restrict the range of values allowed for the device scaling factor, which prevents both divisions by zero and impossibly big graphics buffers.
  • Fix pasteboard to use the generic interface by default.
  • Fix memory allocation to always abort execution on failure.


libwpe-1.13.3.tar.xz (60.7 KiB)
   md5sum: 2990e75589960412115bb8c9ee9a3203
   sha1sum: 7d7bab460189c0a07d2547b458d197f3c0f8ebd7
   sha256sum: 05f871922f6ca750c5689a38a346c3fba130417d3490dd52362b4fe22f334e96