libwpe 1.1.0 released!


This is a development release of libwpe, which introduces the following changes and features:

What’s new in the libwpe 1.1.0 release?

  • Support building libwpe on Windows (#32, #31, #33).

  • New API for observing and setting the view backend state (#36).

  • Added a new wpe_renderer_backend_egl_get_platform() function which can be used to obtain a value which can be passed to eglGetPlatformDisplay() and eglGetPlatformDisplayEXT() (#39, #40).

  • Marked old function names containing the “backend” word as deprecated. The symbols are still available, but it is encouraged to use the new versions, e.g. prefer wpe_get_major_version() instead of wpe_backend_get_major_version() (#38).

  • Marked function table struct parameters passed to some API functions as const (#29).

  • Fixed headers so including <wpe-egl.h> results in <wpe.h> being included automatically in the correct order (#34).

  • Make instantiation of backends more robust by checking the validity of interface pointers obtained from the backend (#30).

libwpe-1.1.0.tar.xz (46.4KB)
   md5sum: b34c3920cb749ebc74fe45a793cf57af
   sha1sum: 69f0bc7f422c6a196c49439a454f7734ecac1126
   sha256sum: 72e34ad754be11abd1a438cfe195d8d644c52105ab2b1c3b39dec6228bc776ce