libwpe 1.0.0 released!


This release changes the API version to 0.2, and introduces the following changes and features:

What’s new in the libwpe 1.0.0 release?

  • The library is now called libwpe to avoid confusion. The WPEBackend name used previously seemed to indicate that the library implemented a WPE backend. The new libwpe name better reflects that it contains code needed by the WPE WebKit port (#27).

  • The libwpe library now uses the libtool versioning convention (#21).

  • Handle conversion of keysyms to Unicode inside libwpe. This allowed to remove the unicode member from keyboard event structs, and removing wpe_input_key_mapper/wpe_input_key_mapper_interface (#23).

  • New field in event structs to specify keyboard modifiers (#22).

  • New API for keymap and composition handling based on libxkbcommon (#24).

libwpe-1.0.0.tar.xz (45.4KB)
   md5sum: b5ea32bd644811d5c6433cf1439763f7
   sha1sum: 6e51591c00a9a6128e19920807e6874794c723fd
   sha256sum: aff11612123f9ab85a8b9a4bcdfb3a7503eba0a0d2d96f2cdecd30e911091719