Cog 0.9.90 released


This is a development release leading towards the 0.10 series.

What’s new in Cog 0.9.90?

  • Support building documentation for the Cog core library using gi-docgen.
  • gtk4: Added new gtk4 platform module, which works on Wayland and uses GTK4 to render web content into a GtkGLArea and provides a minimal yet usable user interface


cog-0.9.90.tar.xz (97.9 KiB)
   md5sum: 98cf1b24b95faa43f7e9c334c8b68889
   sha1sum: bbc405515d87ed32e8f101f80898bad5ae256c8f
   sha256sum: 933adc74e7b2b7f879a0159b073aa601d58865621891c443d1c2481f9eee6c97