Cog 0.9.1 released


This is the first development release leading towards the 0.10 series.

What’s new in Cog 0.9.1?

  • core: Added CogPrefixRoutesHandler, which can route URI scheme requests with different path prefixes to other handlers.
  • core: Added new CogShell.device-scale-factor property.
  • core: Added support in CogDirectoryFilesHandler to use the URI host part as a path component, to ignore a certain amount of path components, and expose the base path as a property.
  • core: Removed support for building using WebKitGTK, only the WPE port is supported now.
  • drm: The DRM/KMS platform module is now built by default.
  • drm: Added support for key press event repeat.
  • drm: Added support for mouse cursor.
  • drm: Added support for atomic modesetting, which is automatically used by default when support is detected in the video driver.
  • drm: Added support for limiting the maximum used video mode width and height, settable using the COG_PLATFORM_DRM_MODE_MAX environment variable.
  • drm: Fixed usage of the specified output device scaling factor.
  • drm: Improve logging output.
  • drm, fdo: Added support for SHM buffer exports, which for example allows using Mesa’s software rasterization.
  • fdo: Try using the largest available output video mode when using the zwp_fullscreen_shell_v1 protocol.
  • headless: Added new headless platform module, which does not produce output and can be used without any graphics hardware e.g. in combination with Mesa’s software rasterization.
  • x11: Added new x11 platform module, which uses an X11 window to paint rendered web content using XCB and OpenGL.


cog-0.9.1.tar.xz (85.6 KiB)
   md5sum: 931010e105767fa6a30bb8a2719e6dfb
   sha1sum: e724ade2b443c0e87f3b30255fdb1a1f3abba2e5
   sha256sum: 67581431b993c877c856d0c1ef3e8993e90add331eae6c7f79469b1fc0a72d2d