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30 March 2020

Cog 0.6.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 0.6 series.

Highlights of the Cog 0.6.0 release

The FDO platform plug-in has received a number of improvements:

  • Added support for input methods.
  • Added support for smooth scrolling using 2D axis events.
  • Added support for direct-display video rendering.
  • A default pointer cursor is now set if the wayland-cursor library is available at build time.

Starting with this release the DRM platform plug-in is no longer considered experimental.


cog-0.6.0.tar.xz (89.4 KiB)
   md5sum: a97df4f0e2d25f4da7cd9bb55294d30e
   sha1sum: 9392d9251bab8a9f61d00297707e16a983127eae
   sha256sum: 208f58e0533b269400875237a95e994c93da7234a29fd1c904e756b88963e35d