Cog 0.4.0 released


This is the first release in the 0.4 series.

Highlights of the Cog 0.4.0 release

  • Support for output device scaling (HiDPI).
  • Adopted the same release schedule and versioning scheme as the rest of the WPE WebKit components.
  • New experimental-drm platform plug-in which uses KMS+DRM (Kernel Mode Setting, Direct Rendering Manager) for direct display on framebuffers, and libinput for input event processing.

For more details about all the changes included in Cog 0.4 see the NEWS file included in the release tarball.


cog-0.4.0.tar.xz (80.7 KiB)
   md5sum: 75a0838ee6c81bb8df1b254f525440a6
   sha1sum: 284d2a641e6269b296057918602c8c94eb831527
   sha256sum: e9c13a51232434b7340a419b1e6f59c40c582cd80c8e60bd9ec7de16c904fc03