Cog 0.3.91 released!


This is a development release leading towards the 0.4 series.

What’s new in the cog 0.3.91 release?

  • HiDPI support. The “cog --device-scale” option can be used to set the initial scale factor.
  • Using “cog --version” now also prints the WebKit version and (if available at build time), Git repository information.
  • The libcogcore library now has proper libtool versioning.
  • fdo: Fix axis scrolling.
  • New “experimental-drm” platform plug-in which uses KMS+DRM (Kernel Mode Setting, Direct Rendering Manager) for direct display on framebuffers, and libinput for input event processing.


cog-0.3.91.tar.xz (80.6KB)
   md5sum: 0ecf0b1f95803ee65f69abcdd46558ff
   sha1sum: d9a37933b624c65b7ff70543c37d3d2efc219e90
   sha256sum: 99c1b075bc41b9a492af846bafe5d7ce4046edd393b3f2e114ffcb33e3dfeef8