Cog 0.19.1 released


This is the first development release leading towards the 0.20 series.

What’s new in Cog 0.19.1?

  • Support multiple web views, using the new CogView and CogViewport APIs. Each viewport may display one from a set of web views, and using many viewports is supported as well. Typically platform plug-ins map a viewport to some kind of “window” that can be displayed on screen. Most of the changes in this release are related to this new feature.
  • launcher:
    • Add command line flag to disable the built-in key bindings.
    • Add command line flag to control media auto-play behaviour.
    • Handle GApplication activation to avoid a warning.
  • core:
    • Moved most of the key binding handling from the Wayland platform into CogView, making it common code for all platforms.
    • Moved platform plug-in selection logic into the library, along with an always-built “fallback” implementation, which simplifies API usage.
    • Avoid leaking web views due to CogShell holding one reference too much on them.
    • The library now takes advantage of symbol visibility, and only the public symbols marked with the COG_API macro will be available for linking from the shared library.
    • Avoid loading the same platform plug-in more than once.
    • Automatically scan the default module path without needing programs to call cog_modules_add_directory() by themselves.
    • Remove the cog_platform_configure() function, in favor of a new cog_init() function which is optional to call, and reorganized setup code to make API usage simpler.
  • meson:
    • Fix configuration error when only the Wayland platform plug-in is selected.
  • drm:
    • Fix touch region dimensions when the output is rotated by 90 or 270 degrees.
    • Fix crash on iMX.6 (and possibly others) by improving how the CRTC and encoder combination is chosen.
  • x11:
    • Add support for using the xcb-keysyms library for handling key input events when the XKB extension is unavailable, either because its usage was disabled at build time, or the extension is missing at runtime.
  • wl:
    • Add support for Weston protocols version 13.
    • Fix blurry rendering in some compositors.
    • Add a check for memfd_create() to avoid the need to have write permission in XDG_RUNTIME_DIR, which is the case in some systems.
    • Set the opaque region also for non-fullscreen surfaces, resulting in a small performance improvement in some cases.
    • Add support for multiple seats.
    • Remove limit of 16 maximum outputs.
  • gtk4, x11, wl:
    • Add support for file choosers using the XDG Desktop Portal through libportal.
    • Add support for changing mouse cursors when hovering links (hand) and text (I-beam).


cog-0.19.1.tar.xz (140.6 KiB)
   md5sum: ec4566bd63ad570a9c7654ed79e46c3f
   sha1sum: a226fedec99d2c92c2d8b6247ec57f4587c8041d
   sha256sum: 633760ba69e36e4fbc24757c927f46fa1fdb3c526d0a6ac6ab35a21d35ad57b3

If you’re using WPE WebKit, or are considering doing so, please take our brief user survey. Your input will help us make WPE WebKit better for you!

If you’re using WPE WebKit, or are considering doing so, please take our brief user survey! Your input will help us make WPE WebKit better for you.