Cog 0.17.90 released


This is a development release leading towards the 0.18 series.

What’s new in Cog 0.17.90?

  • drm: Properly support input-less setups and situations in which the initialization of the XKB context may have failed.
  • x11, wl: Make mouse scroll wheel behaviour snappier.
  • launcher: Support passing the platform plug-in name and its parameters using environment variables.


cog-0.17.90.tar.xz (122.5 KiB)
   md5sum: 343f8496c14c1c5d09708c1dfb83df78
   sha1sum: 5fdbaa382df921695c76e37a3fa5a841ccfd0f4f
   sha256sum: beb98996c48927e7283961877d45acb7f26ed71d78be9c4984fbff30ed0bedb7