Cog 0.17.1 released


This is the first development release leading towards the 0.18 series.

What’s new in Cog 0.17.1?

  • Support building against the new WPE WebKit 2.0 API.
  • Allow choosing the gamepad backend at runtime.
  • meson: Build in C11 mode by default.
  • drm, wl: Improved plug-in documentation.
  • headless: Allow configuring the maximum refresh rate.
  • gtk4: Follow device scale factor changes.
  • wl: Add support for libweston-12-protocols.
  • wl: Fix usage of raw codes for keyboard input.
  • wl: Fix issues due to attachment of buffers with mismatched sizes.


cog-0.17.1.tar.xz (121.4 KiB)
   md5sum: 35c936b90ae89c976fc5d3bbe26a8ba6
   sha1sum: 36c7528fbf0b7e36826c629303016d488e431b87
   sha256sum: 69e7d3b62c206210c3c436746d1241bfb99a1e789e6c4b7cb65dd9ae72459d42