Cog 0.16.0 released


This is the first stable release in the 0.16 series.

Highlights of the Cog 0.16.0 Release


  • Add support for gamepads, using libmanette for hardware access.
  • Switch the build system from CMake to Meson.

Launcher (cog):

  • New --gamepad= command line option to choose the gamepad implementation to use.
  • New --proxy= and --ignore-host= command line options, which allow setting up a network proxy and a list of hosts that would bypass it.


cog-0.16.0.tar.xz (119.1 KiB)
   md5sum: 2705472ea4f333290973722c0862b21d
   sha1sum: ef16e5e3d91d0da056fe5e4f596c211af7453b4e
   sha256sum: 2956f719d36c9a6368f63901a0d1ceaf4d27f529f7df441b3748c36d72906fc6