Cog 0.13.90 released


This is a development release leading towards the 0.14 series.

What’s new in Cog 0.13.90?

  • cmake: Enable libsoup3 usage by default, USE_SOUP2=ON can still be specified to build against libsoup2.
  • cmake: Require version 3.12, which is the same minimum as needed by WebKit.
  • cmake: Link the same wpebackend-fdo library in all components to avoid crashes due to multiple copies loaded with different behaviours.
  • cmake: Fix generated .pc file when using an absolute directory for the CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR option instead of a relative one.
  • core: Add “Try again” button to default error pages.
  • gtk4: Fix rendering with drivers that support OpenGL 4.
  • wl: Avoid crashing due to missing callbacks by explicitly binding to supported versions of Wayland protocols.
  • wl: Fix the build with COG_WESTON_DIRECT_DISPLAY enabled.
  • wl: Fix fullscreen surface dimensions when using SHM buffers.
  • wl: Add keybindings to refresh the current page (Ctrl-R, F5).
  • x11: Fix underlinking when the --as-needed linker flag is in use.
  • x11: Fix rendering in non-composited (traditional) window managers.
  • drm, gtk4, x11: Factor out and reuse the GLES textured quad painting code.
  • drm, wl, x11: Add refresh rate reporting to let WebKit pace rendering to match the output device.


cog-0.13.90.tar.xz (119.7 KiB)
   md5sum: 749f55793438c552185023a9bd744d6a
   sha1sum: 82c885e8e942a97c7bb7d7c9b6e25ceba1b462c7
   sha256sum: a7ed11a10c41a9c4ad9692730357e6d86f2544d308d96018d26f80b234e16080