wepwebkit.org is a statically generated site for WPE. The website aims to be simple to maintain and with little complexity and dependencies. It is built with 11ty and Liquid templates - and that’s pretty much it.

The actual site is hosted by Igalia who are the primary maintainers of the project.


In order to setup, you just just have to check it out, switch to the checked out directory and then npm install.

Building wpewebkit.org site locally

In order to test it all you need to do is

npm install && npm run serve

This will build the project, start a server, and your terminal will provide you useful links to actually get to it.


In the root directory you will also find some top level files - index.htmlwhich is the template for the main page, release.md which is the template for creating the release pages, a package.json which is, well, what you’d expect and .eleventy.js which does some very understandable work in creating a date filter for outputting dates (because of how some of the old content exists), and creates some ‘recent’ collections for simple templating of things like release notes and security advisories.

Updating wpewebkit.org site

Updating content

In order to write a new release or security advisory piece in the website you just have to create a new file inside _posts folder using Markdown syntax.

Should you need anything else, you will find 11ty’s documentation pretty helpful.